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Out in deep space, between the long stretches of cryo-sleep, comes the 'knock, knock, knock'. But out where the only thing beyond the walls is unending void, who is knocking on the outside of the ship? Or, worse, what has come within?

Someone New Theatre Company is thrilled to present its first production for 2023, the science-fiction stageplay, Between Sleeps. This suspenseful discussion about humanity and kindness was presented at Eastern Hub Geelong  in East Geelong on the 23rd to the 26th March, and tour to Shoestring Theatre in Torquay for the following weekend until the 30th March to the 2nd April. 

We currently have digital tickets available, of the filmed opening night, through the link above.



Between Sleeps is Glen's debut with Someone New.  However, he is a regular on stages across the region with several theatre companies, having appeared most recently in Eddie Perfect's "The Beast" at Geelong Rep.


Glen is excited to be onstage with Someone New, and to be part of telling this incredible and thoughtful story.  Having said that, Glen is slightly disappointed that there will be no lightsaber fights. 


Sarah is an actor and musician based in Melbourne/Naarm, and is currently studying Drama at Deakin University. Sarah has also studied with Brave Acting Studios, TAFTA and the Melbourne Theatre Company.


This is her second acting role with Someone New Theatre Company - last year, she played the Nurse in Soldiers Under Sentence. Outside of acting, she is also a music producer and musician/DJ.


Abby Livesay is thrilled to be working with Someone New again, with whom they started their theatre career. Playing ‘Head’ in Lose Not Thy Head in 2019.


After training and performing locally for several years, Abby is now studying to become an Arts and English teacher at Deakin University.

She is thrilled to bring the nuance of artificial intelligence to the stage.


Charis is a Geelong-based theatre maker and has recently graduated with a diploma in theatre arts. She has previously performed in Playing House (2022), Here/There (2022), and It’s not me, it’s you (2022).


This is Charis’ first performance with Someone New Theatre Company and she is thrilled to be able to work with them in this high-stakes, emotional rollercoaster.


Since a teenager, Tyler has known he will have a career in Theatre. Alongside acting in local productions, Tyler completed his degree in drama in 2021 . He is currently studying a Master of Arts and Cultural management with the hopes to eventually move on to a PhD in Theatre.


Tyler has felt so blessed to be part of this amazing production.

A few words from the director of Between Sleeps, Jo Lusty:

"Science fiction has become incredibly popular over the last century, but its hold over popular culture has never transferred well onto stage; you can count on one hand the famous stage sci-fi's of our time and with the growth of film and animation technology, it's easy to understand why. How can a low budget theatre piece compete with flashy and expensive CGI effects? How can theatre create these fantastical worlds without seeming incredibly corny?

The answer is - it can’t, and it shouldn’t have to. Science Fiction isn't a genre, just a setting. Any story (if it has universal themes, of course) can be set in the future, on a distant planet or on a spaceship. Between Sleeps is a character driven thriller that just happens to be set on the bridge of a colony ship transporting its cryogenically frozen crew to a new world. The audience follows the skeleton crew that keeps the ship running while the others sleep. The story explores the human reactions to isolation, doubt, fear and madness: all universal traits.


It does differ from the science fiction plays that are out there in a few key ways. Firstly, Between Sleeps isn’t a warning. Many science fiction plays are set in the near future and warn of AI take overs or posit what the world will become after an apocalyptic event. Between Sleeps is an examination of the internal world of humanity, the intrinsic ways we react to trauma and stressful events. The isolation that the characters travel in is now much more relevant after the COVID-19 Pandemic and you would be hard pressed to find an audience member that can’t relate to that in the play.


Secondly, the flashy effects are kept to a minimum. There are no lightsabers or laser guns, no wild chases through asteroid fields or massive explosions. I think this play is better off without them. With so much information flying around in this play about the characters and the world they’re in, some quiet moments provide the audience with a reprieve to process the information they’ve just been handed. The small cast size only helps to exaggerate the feelings of suspicion between the characters and serves to fill the audience with a sense of dread.


I'm looking forward to seeing it on stage. I hope you are too."


Tickets are open now! Come and watch this new science fiction play:

Meet The Production Team


Joanna Lusty



Gracie Rogers

Assistant Director


Ryan O'Connor


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