"Death's not so bad... once you get to know her."

And we have hit the ground running - Someone New has a new production: the original play, Death and I, by our own Ryan O'Connor. A radio play production produced in collaboration with City of Greater Geelong and Greater Geelong Creative Inc. 

We have made the best of creative isolation for our productions: from the podcast production of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, this production was a video rehearsals and a full-day recording session from home!  


We have had a great many wonderful auditions, and found our new cast. It's a privilege to bring this original story to life with such a team - we're busy putting our heads down to make this production into a killer! 


Death and I Insta.png

Our Cast and Crew - Death and I

Death and I is the story of how a young woman falls in love with the Grim Reaper. After all, who wouldn't want a partner with a steady job, an even temperament, and a killer wardrobe? 

When Peter and Louise died in a car accident on a rainy night, they make a deal with Death: that the Grim Reaper watches over their two children, and makes sure that they grow up to be happy. 

Which is a fine decision, really. In theory. 

But no one can account for affairs of the heart, particularly when one party in question doesn't have a heart. And when Laura begins to wonder about the dark figure that occasionally turns up to give her life advice, it begins a chain of events that might be better off having never begun. 

After all, Death waits for no one. 



Marli van der Bijl - DEATH

Giacinta Squires - LAURA

Hamish Plaggemars - DAVID

Gracie Rogers - ALEX

Daniel Hillman - RANDY

Paul Canlan - PETER

Sarah Smits - LOUISE


Ryan O'Connor as DIRECTOR

Sebastian Dowler as ASSISTANT DIRECTOR

Recorded on Saturday the 7th November, this production will be mastered and available for all! Thank you to all who contributed to this wonderful production!