We're constantly expanding, and making new connections. Our casts and ensembles are always growing - and we're always keen to meet new people and give them a voice. So here's our team of enthusiastic theatre-makers! 

Gracie Rogers


GRACIE ROGERS, our Executive Director, has a Bachelor of Theatre, and is a graduate of NIDA's Actor's Studio. Gracie is an avid, internationally-recognised actor and leads our Acting for Beginners,        Improvisation and Personal Development workshops.

Joanna Lusty


JOANNA LUSTY, our Creative Director, is a life-long theatre enthusiast. She graduated with a Bachelor of Theatre and Performance, and leads our Makeup for Stage workshop and costume department..

James Bowman

JAMES BOWMAN, our Public Relations Director, has an extensive background in live performance and public speaking. An award-winning improviser, he is keen to make his mark on the Victorian arena.

Ryan O'Connor

RYAN O'CONNOR, our resident playwright, has a Bachelor of Theatre and Performance and is an award-winning, published writer. He has been involved in theatre companies across Victoria and New South Wales.

Marli van der Bijl

MARLI VAN DER BIJL, our Production Assistant, has been working as an actress-singer for the past decade and holds a Master’s degree in Drama and Theatre Arts. She has been involved in more than 30 productions across four countries, and is now delving into the world of voice acting.

Elizabeth Bradford

ELIZABETH BRADFORD, our Production Manager, studied acting, writing, and editing at Federation University Australia. She is heavily involved in theatre, most notably as the director for the upcoming 2021 BNT production of Peter Pan. 

Adam Hicks

ADAM HICK, our graphic designer, is a Geelong native, and a proud supporter of Someone New Theatre Company. He is excited to see his designs - the iconic SNTC mask - as the 'face' of the company.

Kira O'Connor

KIRA O'CONNOR, our resident photographer, has her roots in Perth, but is currently studying photography at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne. She is also managing the SNTC TikTok page.

And... you?

We're always looking to expand our team - to give creative people the opportunity to get involved: to learn, to grow, to try new things, to be involved in a group of people that believe in one another. Interested? Get in touch now.