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We've got an incredible number of people interested in having their voices heard: with the shows that have been cancelled, and the lack of momentum, all of our creative energy is going to waste! So we're putting out an open call! If you and your friends still want to be heard, we'll give you a platform!

We're making a podcast of performers - scenes from plays, short stories, and even poetry readings - so that you can still find something to do in the Isolation Crisis. At this point, we just have one question: do you want to make the most of the time that you've been given?

So, if you're an actor, round up your friends: click the link below and we'll give you a direction. If you're up for it, we'll either give you a script, or give you a prompt to write your own with your friends! When you're done, you can send it through as an .mp3, and we'll publish it on our podcast!

And, if you're a writer and you want to help, send us through your scenes! We have actors aplenty, and they need words! Send us your writing, along with a short paragraph about how you would like it presented, and we'll send you through a finished product!

This isn't a paid gig: this is just the opportunity to give some hope, some purpose, to a community that has taken a heavy blow recently. We're all in need of some hope right now.

If you fill in the form below, we'll be back in touch with an invitation and password to our text platform, that you can use to submit writings, browse the texts that we already have, and submit your recordings for the podcast! 

So get in touch! #supportthearts

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