We know that it’s been tough, having all of our productions put off or cancelled, so we want to give everyone an opportunity: instead of in-person performances, we’re making recordings of old stories, something for your friends and family to listen to!

If you've got a favourite story that you never hear read -or even if you just want to be the voice that tells a story to our listeners - send us through a message! This isn’t an audition program: this is an open invitation! Get in touch! Send us a message!


We know that everyone has their own favourite stories, but our only requirement is this: whatever you read must be in the public domain. Fairytales, old stories, fables and yarns are excellent - short stories that you've written, even better! Fill in the form below for a step-by-step on how to submit! 

Keep moving forward!

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We know that not everyone knows what to read, or whether their favourite stories are in public domain. If you have something in mind, but aren't sure - take a look at the copyright laws on the inside cover of the book, or look up the publishing date and the copyright laws of your country. 

Otherwise, if you wanted to browse some possibilities, we have some suggestions here for sites where you can take a look at old stories and fairytales!