Write or Wrong? | We're back for more!

Isn't being stuck inside a hoot? Aren't we all having fun? Well, if you wanted to have more fun with your friends and family, why not try out our event, WRITE OR WRONG?, a scriptwriting competition in which you are given prompts and compete for prizes!

We ran this event - to lots of fun and great success - earlier in the isolation crisis, but now we're bringing it back by popular demand! It's a great opportunity to have fun, stretch your creative legs, and give something new a try. You could even win a prize, and bragging rights that you are a prizewinning playwright!

We have started as of now: all you need to do is hand in a script by 6:00pm on the 5th of July to be in the running! There is no restriction on length of script or number of characters - go crazy! We've included a list of prompts here, but other than the prompts, write about whatever you like! Just make sure it's good if you want the prize!

You choose two prompts from three lists, and then get to create your own world! It's exciting!

Once you've got your prompt, it's up to you to write your play. It can be as long as you like, but you must use two (2) prompts, each from separate lists, and be sure to volunteer which prompts you used when you reply with your submission! 

When you're finished, you can email your script in to us at with the subject "Write or Wrong?" We'll be gathering the scripts up and reading them, and the winner will be announced on Monday 6th July!

If you're interested, just go to our Submissions page for more info!

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