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SNTC Presents

We started with the stunningly successful Holmes Podcast, and we're keeping the tradition going. SNTC Presents is the face of new, digital theatre: long-form productions that can take place entirely over the internet. With our team of veteran podcast producers, we can cast from across the country - even across the world - from the comfort of our actors' homes. 

Our podcasts will be available on all major podcast platforms, starting with The Holmes Podcast, and going forward.

Someone New Theatre Company is proud to be producing theatre in new and original ways. In the beginning of lockdown in 2020, we switched from stage productions to online projects within a fortnight, producing new video sketches, playwriting competitions, and the Someone New Podcast - all with the aim of giving isolated and frustrated creatives the opportunity to continue to collaborate. 

After four months of success, and no small amount of organisation, we were ready to launch our first major online project, involving over forty actors from across the world and hundreds of hours of rehearsal, recording, and producing. We could not be more grateful for the privilege of working with these incredible individuals, and are committed to continuing the good work. 



Ryan O'Connor


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Elizabeth Bradford



Gracie Rogers

Jo Lusty



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Marli van der Bijl


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Jacob Thompson


SNTC Presents will continue on, as Someone New brings more and more opportunities to actors near and far. We are proud of our work and our team, and want to give a special thanks to everyone that has helped us on our journey, particularly Josh Andrews-O'NeilCallum Blair, and Taneesha Plummer, our special episode sound engineers. 

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The Adventures of SHERLOCK HOLMES

OCTOBER 2020 - MARCH 2021

A dramatic reading of the twelve beloved original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring the most famous consultant detective of all time - Sherlock Holmes! Listen to the well-loved tales in audiobook form, with a wide cast and all the original twists and turns! Created and performed by performers in Victoria, Australia, during the coronavirus pandemic, aiming to give artists a platform during the isolation.

A Scandal in Bohemia – Part 1

Dr John H. Watson returns to 221B Baker Street to visit his old friend, Sherlock Holmes. A mysterious visitor comes to ask Holmes for help in acquiring photographic evidence of a previous relationship with Irene Adler, a former American opera singer, that could change the history of Europe.

A Scandal in Bohemia – Part 2

Holmes and Watson go to Briony Lodge with a foolproof plan to find the location of the photograph. But the game is afoot and Holmes may have met his match.


The Red Headed League – Part 1

Jabez Wilson, a pawnbroker, asks for Holmes’ help in investigating the sudden disappearance of a society called the Red Headed League.

The Red Headed League – Part 2

Holmes and Watson go to Saxe-Coburg Square to speak with Vincent Spaulding, but Holmes’ suspicions of a prank on Wilson are somewhat more sinister than he first thought.

A Case of Identity

Mary Sutherland, a woman with a substantial income from the interest on a fund set up for her, asks Holmes to find out more about the disappearance of her mysterious fiancé, Hosmer Angel.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery - Part 1

Inspector Lestrade summons Holmes to Herefordshire, where a local landowner has been murdered. The deceased's estranged son is strongly implicated. Holmes quickly determines that a mysterious third man may be responsible for the crime.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery - Part 2

Holmes and Watson, accompanied by Inspector Lestrade, visit the scene of the crime. Holmes gathers enough clues to convict a man of murder. Will he confess?

The Five Orange Pips

A young gentleman named John Openshaw recounts a strange tale to Holmes and Watson involving orange pips and asks for help solving the mystery behind the deaths of his uncle and father.

The Man with the Twisted Lip - Part 1

A friend of Watson’s, who is addicted to opium, has gone missing. While searching for him, Watson is surprised to find Holmes undercover at an opium den, trying to get information to solve a different case about a man who has disappeared. 

The Man with the Twisted Lip - Part 2

Holmes and Watson visit Mrs St. Clair, the wife of the man whose disappearance they are investigating. Holmes’ initial thoughts are proven wrong by a letter from the 'missing' man, leading him to interrogate a beggar in a prison cell.

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - Part 1

Holmes is spending his Christmas holidays baffled by a battered old hat and a goose on the loose.

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - Part 2

Holmes and Watson set out to determine how the jewel travelled from the Countess of Morcar's hotel room to the goose's crop. 

The Adventure of the Speckled Band - Part 1

A young woman named Helen Stoner fears that her life is being threatened and seeks out Holmes' help.

The Adventure of the Speckled Band - Part 2

Holmes and Watson go to Stoke Moran to inspect the manor carefully for clues.

The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb

Victor Hatherley, a hydraulic engineer, recounts the strange happenings of the night before, first to Watson who dresses the stump where Hatherley's thumb has been cut off, and then to Holmes himself.

The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor - Part 1

Holmes is sought out by a gentleman of high rank in society, Lord Robert St. Simon, to investigate the disappearance of his wife, Hatty.

This episode was produced on the lands of our traditional custodians, the Wadawurrung people. Someone New Theatre Company acknowledges and pays respect to our traditional custodians and to their past, present and emerging leaders.

Thank you for listening to the Someone New Theatre Company podcast production of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Our actors and production team have worked tirelessly to bring these stories to you, and we hope that you have enjoyed listening to them as much as we have enjoyed making them.  This production was directed by Gracie Rogers with Joanna Lusty, adapted for audio by Elizabeth Bradford and Marli van der Bijl and produced by Ryan O’Connor. Sound design for this production was provided by Callum Blair, Elizabeth Bradford, Taneesha Plummer, Josh Andrews-O’Neil, Jacob Thompson, Ryan O’Connor, and Marli van der Bijl.

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The official podcast of Someone New Theatre Company, based in Geelong, Victoria. We are a group of actors, writers and directors, trying to make the world a brighter place by giving new talent a voice. We're currently spearheading a project to give actors an opportunity to act - now that they can't get on the stage.

Introduction | Trying Something New

A quick introduction to the new Someone New podcasting platform, and an encouragement to all of the artists in our lives - you’re doing great, keep going!

“Rapunzel” | E. Wood

(9 mins) Our month of new texts and voices is done, but we’ve still got our submissions coming in! So please welcome the talent that is taking part in our new project: we’re making a series of fairytales and short stories for all ages, classics and obscures, with the excellent voices that we’re fortunate to know. For this first instalment, please welcome Emma Wood, with her reading of the classic Grimm’s tale, “Rapunzel”.

“The Ugly Duckling” | R. O’Connor

(20 mins) Welcome back to the Someone New podcast! We’re reading old stories and fables, and today we have a reading of the original fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson, in which an ugly ‘duckling’ tries to find his way in the world.

“The Hound” | J. McAteer

(18 mins) For all of our fans of horror and the ominous, today’s podcast is a reading of H P Lovecraft’s 1922 short story, “The Hound”. The story follows two grave robbers, and their encounter with an eldritch canine guardian. Read by the wonderful J. McAteer.

“Godfather Death” | S. Georgiadis

(10 mins) Another fairytale is here for our listeners: an old favourite by the Brothers Grimm, read by Steven Georgiadis. It’s a story about the Grim Reaper and his godson, and is a wonderful listen. Enjoy!

“The Spitting Bridge” | J. Lukins

(23 mins) Today, we’re privileged to have a modern short story - “The Spitting Bridge”, by Roger Patulny, read by Jonathan Lukins. Focusing on the relationship and trials of a father and daughter, it’s an emotional but charming tale. Enjoy!

The Odyssey Book IX (Part I) | S. Nicholls

(20 mins) I hope everyone’s ready for one of the oldest stories to grace this podcast - the incredible tale of Odysseus, by Homer! In this two-part excerpt, Odysseus comes face to face with a cyclops, and must use his wits and cunning to prevail. Read by the marvellous Shannon Nicholls. Enjoy!

The Odyssey Book IX (Part II) | S. Nicholls

(20 mins) Tonight’s story is the second part of the tale begun by Shannon Nicholls in our last episode. Here, Odysseus and his crew try to outwit the monstrous cyclops, and unwittingly anger his father - Poseidon, Lord of the Seas. Enjoy!

Patulny and Prahlad Poetry Collections | E. Wood

(13 mins) In the midst of this coronavirus crisis, writers are still making their works. Today, we have two collections of poetry by authors writing about and during the COVID quarantine, Roger Patulny and Oormila Vijayakrishnun Prahlad. Read by E. Wood. Enjoy!

“The Daughter of the Sword” | M. Van Der Bijl

(13 mins) Today’s podcast is a fairytale with a difference: this is “The Daughter of the Sword”, a South African fairytale retold by Ethel McPherson, read by Marli Van Der Bijl. Enjoy!

“The Tell-Tale Heart” | O. French

(17 mins) Today’s short story is another modern classic - the infamous “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. Be warned, listeners: though this story hastens to assure you that the narrator is sane, there is something not quite right about them... Read by Olivia French. Enjoy!

“Stribor’s Forest” | E. Leonard

(22 mins) This tale is a wonderful old Croatian folk yarn: “Stribor’s Forest”, by Ivan’s Brlic-Mazuranic. Following our trend of showcasing the traditional stories of peoples across the world, we are read to today by Earl Leonard! Enjoy!

“The Terrible Old Man” | J. McAteer

(7 mins) Today’s short story is a short one, but a classic: it’s H P Lovecraft’s 1920 tale, “The Terrible Old Man”, about three robbers who hear of the treasure being kept by a truly terrible old man. Read by Jonathon McAteer. Enjoy!

“The Raven” | O. French

(10 mins) Today, we have another poem: Edgar Allan Poe’s absolute classic, “The Raven” - about a grieving man being tormented by a talking raven. Read by Olivia French. Enjoy!

“The Selfish Giant” | J. Lusty

(10 mins) Today’s short story is from Oscar Wilde, who wrote several fables and children’s stories in addition to his plays. This is “The Selfish Giant”, who dislikes other people’s children and their trespassing. Read by Joanna Lusty. Enjoy!