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A reflection of the Someone New annual event Theatia Podsie, SPEAKING OLD, SPEAKING NEW is a video recording project in which we source the experiences of the local community and record interviews, stories, and spoken monologues.


Only at Eastern Hub Geelong, 14th - 20th August

Someone New Theatre Company and Eastern Hub Geelong's creative collaboration is based in the mutual understanding that talent and creativity can be found anywhere in our community. That understanding is the basis for our premiere event, Speaking Old, Speaking New. This year, we will be opening up a platform for locals to share their stories, wisdoms, and personalities to an interview event, so that we can record and store them for posterity.

Our intention is to create a platform for cultural groups and established residents to tell lesser-known stories about the area, their personal history, or their experiences as minorities in Geelong for future generations. We will achieve this by opening up opportunities and gathering interest from June 2023 for the recording in August.

Image - Speaking Old, Speaking New.png

Expressions Open

July 2023

Recording Week


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