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Looking forward to the upcoming 2020? Want to get involved in theatre in the centre of Geelong? Want to meet some new theatre friends? 

Fatal Attraction

by Ryan O'Connor

And we're hitting the ground running for our first 2020 production!

FATAL ATTRACTION | A Profit-Share Production

"When Mr and Mrs Dunning die prematurely, they make a wager with Death: if they win, the Reaper will watch over their children in their stead. Years later, their daughter finally discovers the identity of the dark stranger who has been at the edge of her life, and becomes the first person to befriend the Reaper."

We are pleased to announce that Fatal Attraction has been cast by our amazing production team, with rehearsals beginning in late January. Performance dates postponed indefinitely.


Rose Musselwhite

Liana Skewes

Ryan O'Connor

Gracie Rogers

Adam Gilding

John Teague


A normal, female human being, raised under the watchful eye of the Grim Reaper.



The personification of Death. Azrael, the angel of death, who guides souls to the afterlife.


LAURA’s brother, who was also raised under the watchful eye of DEATH.


LAURA’s best friend, having met at school. LAURA and DAVID’s mother. 



An apparent stoner. / LAURA and DAVID’s father. 


LAURA and DAVID’s uncle.

Performance dates to be confirmed later in the year

at the Performance Space, Platform Arts

Someone Say Something

Later this year, Someone New will be hosting the inaugural Someone Say Something, a night of theatre games and competitive improvisations.


8 teams of four actors or performers

Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new event!

Someone's Shorts

In late 2020, Someone New will once again be hosting its own night of one-act plays in the heart of Geelong - Someone's Shorts!

SUBMISSIONS by local groups are encouraged, and Someone New plays will be announced closer to the date.

We will need talented actors and writers for this event, so watch this space!

by Ryan O'Connor


(female, twenty-five) Cowardly: manslaughter, perjury



(female, thirty) Manipulative: murder, assault, blackmail.



(female, late twenties) Brash: manslaughter (king-hit)


(female, forties) Calm: tax evasion 



(female, twenty) Outspoken: assaulting a police officer



(male, any) A local deputy, far too nice to have all of this chaos going on. 

Cast announced on 28th July

Expressions of interest welcome

Drop by Drop

A transport van carrying a small group of prisoners crashes in the bush, and the survivors have to decide - do they take this chance at freedom, or turn themselves in?

Performances will be over two weekends:

Friday 23th October | 7:30pm 

Saturday 24th October | 7:30pm

Sunday 25th October | 2:30pm

Friday 30th October | 7:30pm

Saturday 31st October | 7:30pm

Sunday 1st November | 2:30pm

The production will run for roughly one hour and a half, with intermission.