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Tools for Stage

At Someone New Theatre Company, our one-of-a-kind Theatre events and performances are a result of the hard work and dedication of our incredible staff and acclaimed performers. Check out our calendar and see what’s coming up this season, we guarantee you’ll find an event that gets your artistic juices flowing.

Acting for Stage

Come and enjoy a fresh take on the art of performing on stage. Students will choose roles, be taught how to work in a character, use the stage, become familiar with the realities of a performance space, and finally create a performance.

Makeup for Stage

Create a character from the face down! Experienced or aspiring students will be given the opportunity to learn the tricks of stage makeup, from simple clowning and carnivale makeup to ageing and cross-gender tricks. Led by Joanna Lusty.


Thinking on your feet can be difficult, but these classes will run through techniques to improve imagination, reaction time, and wit. If you find it difficult to overcome stage-fright, these workshops will gently coach through games to lift anxiety on stage.

Professional Development

Someone New is proud to be a part of an active and growing community, and is pleased to announce its new range of Professional Development workshops for adults. Designed to work on confidence, emotional awareness, and personal relationships, our courses are based on theatre principles, and are helpful and fun! 

Personal Development

Theatre and performance is the art of speaking freely and easily in front of people, and our Personal Development course will give you the basic skills needed to present yourself to others. If you're looking for a solution, here it is.

Confidence Building

Struggling with social anxiety or just that fear of looking foolish is a challenge to anyone, but our improvisation exercises, showing the basics of warming up your voice and body, will bring you out of your shell.

Corporate Training

This course is a series of exercises, activities, and challenges to work on the basics of thinking as a team. It will build on confidence, cooperation and understand to give a different, nuanced approach to problem-solving as a team.

If you are interested in booking a professional development workshop with us, send us a line. We're always keen to discuss possibilities, and we will happily give quotes and can even tailor workshops to your specific needs. Please note that Professional Development workshops require groups of six or more.

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