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Image by Mohammad Alizade
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Why They Stay

Someone New Theatre Company is proud to announce auditions for our upcoming production, Why They Stay by Sindi Renea. This new dramatic production is an emotional piece exploring domestic violence. It’s a classic tale of princess meets prince, but the fairytale fractures around her.

Auditions will be held on 11th and 12th August, rehearsals will commence on Sunday 20th August and the performances will be at Eastern Hub Geelong from 26th October to 5th November. This is a profit share production.

Please read through this information pack before completing the Audition Form, which can be found below.

Orange Torquise Gradient


ANNABELLE is working at a small cafe where she meets LINCOLN, a tradie who has been working onsite close by and is now a regular customer. Lincoln overhears Annabelle and her best friend, APRIL, having a conversation about April's impending overseas holiday to celebrate graduating uni. When April leaves
the cafe, Lincoln uses their conversation as a reason to break the ice and talk more to Annabelle.

A relationship begins to develop between the two. ANNA (an anthropomorphism of Annabelle's internal dialogue) is looking out the window of her tower and decides to rescue herself. As she nears the bottom, CON (Lincoln's internal dialogue) arrives to help. Playing this game and dancing together, Anna and Con display the true feelings and nature of Annabelle and Lincoln's relationship.

Annabelle and Lincoln's relationship is characterised by bouts of extreme jealousy, manipulation and controlling behaviours often leading to violence. Some characters excuse these outbursts as “the way men are", while others grow suspicious of Lincoln's intentions and concerned for Annabelle's safety.

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