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In 2023, in partnership with the Geelong Gaol Museum, proudly supported by the City of Greater Geelong, we are excited to present a new dramatic production: Shadows of History: The Iridescent Tale of a Woman Erased! 

Woman Erased is the dark and exciting retelling of a little-known aspect of our local history, the story of the Myers Street Industrial School for Girls, and will follow four of the women after they have left the School, and the immutable impression that it left on their lives. The play will also explore the consequences of holding the school within the walls of the famous gaol, what events transpired over the four years that they were kept there, and give voice to the people involved in the school.


Performances of Woman Erased will take place at the Geelong Gaol from the 13th to the 23rd of July 2023, for evening performances and matinees. This original, locally-written production will run for two hours in the heart of the very gaol that set its events in motion. 

Woman Erased.png

Jacqueline Williams as AUSTIN

A philanthropist and pastoralist who, at this time, is about to open a children’s wing at the Austin’s Home for Incurables. She was moved to philanthropy after witnessing a servant dying of an incurable disease. 


Steven Georgiadis as ANGEL

Once the doctor at the gaol, he appears to be kind, intelligent, and charming.  However, looks can be deceiving…


Stephanie Murdoch as BLANE

Abandoned by her alcoholic and abusive father, she lived on the streets for a year before she was captured by the Geelong police and brought to the Gaol. She is wild, ambitious, and challenging. 


James Bowman as COUTARD

An understudy of Doctor ANGEL, who is trying to simply increase his industry learning to establish his own practice. While he is good natured, he is cowardly and unwilling to challenge the status quo. 


Abby Livesay as DUTTON 

The daughter of a prostitute who spent the first 11 years of her life in brothels running errands. She was separated from her mother and sent to the school, never to see her again. She does not speak unless to someone she trusts, generally DUTTON.


Joanna Bakker as HARVIE

Left to the industrial school when her grandmother passed away, she was very young when she passed through the school, and focuses on the brighter parts. She was adopted out of the school by two kindly townsfolk. She is attempting to court ANGEL, and settle into a quiet life - or so her father says. 


Cathryn Blennerhassett as MORGAN

Taken from her mother when they were both vagrants on the streets of Geelong. Her mother was released from gaol after 14 days, but she was kept in industrial schools for 7 years. Her mother tried several times to reclaim her, but was never permitted to.  She is a pessimistic person, but nonetheless cares deeply for her friends. 

Philip Besancon as WINSTON

A Geelong-based businessman of many years, he is attempting to run for mayor, and fears any incident or irregularity that may threaten his chances.

Missed the performance? That's ok we have digital viewing tickets available below until the 8th of September 2023.

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