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The raucous play-in-a-day event

The ultimate expression of compressed theatrical experience, the play-in-a-day project is an open community event to teach the basics of theatre for young and old alike. It combines intensive teaching with immediate expression.

What's the big deal?

In 2023, we're out of the woods and bringing the 'community' back to 'community theatre'. Theatre is fun, and we're going to open up that fun for everyone to enjoy. Which is why Someone New Theatre Company and Eastern Hub Geelong are collaborating for their new event, One Day Wonders!

Bust out your costumes, and brush up on your acting skills, because this event is a wild, raucous, happy-go-lucky free-for-all. From 9am at Eastern Hub Geelong, join your fellows as you create an entire play - script, characters, costumes, and all - from the ground up, to perform for your friends and families that night.

On September 25th, we're making a suped-up, high-caffeine, energy-rich intensive of a creative experience, to make theatre and memories!

What's a 'play-in-a-day'?

A play-in-a-day event is exactly what it says in the title: you come together with your friends, and a supervising creative, and you create together a performance to premiere that night to your friends and families. 

At the start of the day, the actors will come together. In groups, you will be given prompts, work through characters, discuss arcs and dialogues, and explore ideas. Over the course of the day you can work together with our supervising creatives to make a play that will delight, provoke, and generally make some noise! 

That evening, you come back to prepare for performance. Friends, family, and some of the general public will also come together to celebrate the performance, and you'll open up as a normal play would. We'll even record it for you! 

How do I get involved?

On August 1st, expressions of interest will open for actors and creatives - and anyone else - who wants to be involved. You can sign up via a sign-up sheet, but be warned: it's first in, first served. We only have limited places for this event. 

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