4th - 12th JUNE


Someone New is proud to be a part of the upcoming Greater Geelong Creative Inc audio theatre festival, Theatia Podsie! Held in June, we will be showcasing four sessions of original audio theatre under the Theatia Podsie banner!

The Theatia Podsie Festival is Australia’s only outward facing radio theatre festival. The festival proudly presents 12 unique radio theatre productions. It is presented in the Waurn Ponds Hall in Regional Victoria over 5 days of performances, offering anyone and everyone an opportunity to celebrate radio comedy, drama or documentary through open access to the live listening sessions, in person and online podcasting after the event.

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1st - 28th February

In FEBRUARY this year, we hosted WRITE OR WRONG, our scriptwriting competition to find plays for Theatia Podsie! And we are thrilled to announce the winners:

Silver Tongue, by Louise Hopewell: (1F) Elise’s little brother is finally trying the knot, prompting Elise to reflect on her brother’s silver tongue, a family trait which, alas, she has not inherited.

Vintage Voices, by Lisa Semmler: (2M, 2F) A series of three short plays. Each of these plays document the hopes, struggles and dreams of young Australians making a life for themselves in rural New South Wales during the hot and dry start of the 20th Century. From a Spanish Flu nurse fighting to save lives in the middle of a global pandemic to Jo, a young girl who just wants to work like her brothers and finally, the characters aboard Mickey Cush's coach, travelling into the unknown to start a new life.

Virtual Coven, by Joanna Hulme: (4F) A group of witches try their hand at meeting their coven online, in an all-too-familiar quarantine situation. However, something's amiss: there's a curse abroad in the world, and someone's going to start pointing fingers sooner or later... 

We will be performing these along with the Someone New scripts: 

The Silent War: (3M, 1F) A newly-minted AI forgets, each morning, the events of the day before. Her programmers hope that she can spell out a hope for the future. But despite their repeated requests, she keeps on predicting an imminent threat...

Shortest Night: (2M, 1F, 1?) A couple venture to an old stone on the solstice to make an offering to the fey. But when the fey turn up, they find that the old stories are true - the fey are indeed marvellous, curious, and terrifying.

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