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An Interview with our Creative Director

Well, this one is a little hard to write because, well, I’m the Creative Director - Joanna Lusty. And I really don’t like writing about myself - but if I can do it for everyone else than it seems only fair that I give a more in depth explanation of exactly what I do for Someone New.

What exactly do I do in my role of Creative Director?

A lot.

I design the overall look of the productions we’re putting on, and I source everything for them.

I’m also heavily involved in marketing, so I take photos when I can and try to source images that are in keeping with the company's look.

I also do this! The blog posts! It came about from, honestly, just wanting to do them and one day I’ll pass on the torch to someone else, but for the time being it is one of my responsibilities.

I’m also a sounding board for the rest of the Executive team. I’m a partner in the company so I have a say when it comes to big decisions like budgets and anything that could affect how the company looks.

What are my other responsibilities in the company?

That really depends on what we need at the time. Sometimes I’ll assistant-direct when we need someone.

Mostly I run the makeup for stage workshops: I’m passionate about it and really love passing on my knowledge to people who want to learn a new skill. Sometimes I’ll help Gracie with running the other workshops because it's always nice to have someone to bounce off who knows what's going on.

I’ve often been appointed the OH&S officer for productions, mostly because I design the set and need to make sure it's safe for actors to use. (It makes sense.) But my responsibilities there have extended to giving new actors and crew a tour of the space and showing them the facilities and emergency exits. It also means if anyone needs first aid I’m there to help - thankfully we’ve never had to use more than a band-aid and I hope that will be the worst of our issues to come.

I also make sure our office is fully stocked with tea, coffee and biscuits. You know. The necessities.

Would I like another role in the company?

No. I’m happy where I am. Everything else sounds super stressful.

Where would I like to be in 5 years?

Well I’d like the company to be self-sustaining, and I’d like it to be providing paying jobs within the arts. We started the company with that as the goal. To pay actors and create arts jobs.

It’s been really hard with Covid to try and keep that dream going but it’s given us time to set ourselves up for the new world that will come after this crisis is all over.

I’d also really like it to be a safe space. I want talent that may have been turned away from other companies because of age, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality to feel like they can come to us and have their stories heard and told. I want everyone to know they’re welcome and have a place in our company.

But more personally, I want to be on the set of The Witcher fighting CGI monsters alongside Henry Cavill and Freya Allen. (What? Why are you laughing?)

In 5 years I want to be in a position where acting pays my bills and I’m filming for shows that I feel passionate about!

I’d also really like to have a book published or at least on the way and to own a little cottage somewhere in the UK or Poland.

I’m nothing if not ambitious.

So I like The Witcher, let's talk about that…

No, bad Jo! I’ll be here for years if I get started. Now I’m off to start my 5th replay of the game, if you don’t mind.


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