Someone New has come to Geelong...

In 2020, the arts in the Geelong are exploding - and we are eager and ready to make their own. Ryan O'Connor, Joanna Lusty and Gracie Rogers created a theatre ensemble in the centre of Geelong, and Someone New was born. We celebrate local and emerging talent in acting, writing and directing. 

Giving a Voice to Geelong

Someone New is coming to Geelong - in our theatre, in our writing, in our music. 

Someone New is the resident theatre company of Platform Youth Arts; passionate about giving local and emerging artists a platform and education in performing and creating theatre. We are a safe space for creation and expression.

Many young people come to Someone New because they want to be more expressive, more confident. Our workshops and performances are an opportunity for Geelong artists to express themselves: some want to write, or create. Some want to make friends, or bring their friends. All come to Someone New because we give an atmosphere of understanding and commitment. 

Our workshops are a platform to improve. Together, our leaders and our students collaborate to make something new: in themselves, or for others. Our workshop leaders are professional artists and passionate about helping people from all walks of life to achieve their dreams.

Someone New is about artists in Geelong.


60 Little Malop Street Geelong VIC Australia 3220

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